Spec Perforated Creations

Spec is a manufacturer of perforated metal products combining design creativity with strength, precision, versatility and functionality. Perforated halftone images are created by punching different sized holes into metal to represent the various different shades within the image. Detail in the perforated image is determined by the size and spacing of the holes in relation to the surface area.

Perforated pictures can be an abstract design, a logo or a photograph — anything you can imagine. Use it to add unique, durable image-based facades to new and existing structures, while providing a sunscreen reducing energy consumption. This exciting new technology can be applied a range of different materials and finishes for both interior and exterior applications.

How it's made

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    We take your provided image or pattern and manipulate it using specialized image editing software. We then run this edited image through another piece of software that converts it into a perforation-friendly DXF file.

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    This DXF file is loaded into our CNC turret punch machine, along with the correct associated tools, punches, and dies. We then run a program which translates the DXF image into physical holes in the chosen media. Once complete we remove the panel from the machine and flatten it.

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    Once the design is punched into the panel we take great care to smooth out any sharp edges left from the perforation process. From there, our primary finishing method is powder coating, which adds a durable professional finish in a broad range of colours. You can also choose to leave it as raw metal or we can arrange for anodizing or any other desired finishes.

Where it's used

  • Residential

    • Custom Privacy Panels
    • Handrail Inserts
    • Furniture
    • Sun Shades
    • Custom Fire Pit Ring
  • Commercial

    • Building Facades
    • Public Spaces
    • Sun Shades
    • Parks and Railings
    • Corporate Logo Displays
    • Parkade Facades
    • Exterior / Interior Cladding
    • Signage
  • Decorative

    • Wall Art
    • Design Concepts
    • Creative Lighting

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the material options?
    Perforated images can be made in a variety of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized, satin coat, aluminum, copper and brass. 
    How large can you make them?
    Our maximum panel size is 56" x 116". For larger sizes we can assemble large panels from several smaller panels. We have also found that multiple smaller panels offer superior strength to large panels. 
    How long does it take?
    Typical turnaround is approximately three weeks for most custom jobs, from the time the perforated artwork is approved. This varies dependent on project complexity and the current workload on our manufacturing facility.
    I need my panel to be in an irregular shape. Can you do that?
    Yes. We can do custom shapes within reason. Please send us a sketch of what your design and we will let you know.
    Do you have a sample you could send to me?
    Yes. Samples are available upon request. 
    How long will the panels last?
    Under normal use our perforated panels should last up to 25 years, looking exactly as they did on day one. If the powder coating is damaged then water will get down to the metal and start rusting. Any damage to your panels should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further corrosion.
  • Can I use any picture or design for my panel?/dt>
    You can use any image you like but we have found that some are more suitable than others for perforation. As part of our custom panel service you will receive a preview rendering of the hole pattern your photo will generate, subject to your approval.
    Can I install these panels myself?
    Absolutely, but you are responsible for the installation. Please consider wind loads in your area, local building codes and beware that some areas may require a building permit. 
    Can your recommend a support structure for the panels?
    We can but, ultimately it will be up to your contractor to make sure the structure meets local building codes and is safe. We do offer panel designs that can be installed in some of the most common modular railing systems.
    Do the panels have a Warranty?
    A 20 year warranty against surface rust is granted provided that: 
    • Powder-coated finish is not chipped, scratched, or damaged in any other way
    • Panels are not installed near a road, exposed to salt and/or stone damage
    • Panels are properly installed as per instructions provided
    Spec (Maxim Manufacturing) is not responsible for injury or damage caused by improper installation. 

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Our perforated metal products are only limited by your imagination, explore our gallery to see what we can do for you.

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